Choose the Right Beauty Products

Makeup is the best solution for all those who want a flawless skin when they step out. Not everyone is blessed with a healthy flawless skin that they can flaunt at all times, without any products on it. Applying makeup is not a simple task. One needs time and practice to get the techniques right. The products used should also be right as this plays a major role in the final look you are aiming for. Here are a few tips on selecting the right products for your skin type:


The foundation you choose will depend upon your skin type and color. There are different shades of foundation these days to suit different skin tones. First you need to find out the undertone of your skin. This can be found by looking at the veins that runs to your wrists. If the veins are blue or purple in shade, you have a cool undertone. On the other hand if they are greenish or yellowish in color, you have warm undertones.  If it is a mix of it all, then you need to select a neutral shade.

Next you need to factor in the type of skin. Is you’re a sensitive skin? Then you need to opt for the best foundation for sensitive skin because one cannot risk getting some allergic reaction. Then no amount of foundation can reverse the damage in few minutes. This will leave you with a skin worse than what you were trying to cover up.

When you have found the shades, narrow down your search to two shades – one lighter and one darker than your skin. Now apply both alternatively on your face. Apply the lighter shade in a triangular shape on the center of your face. This shade will be suit your skin if it blends well with your skin. If it is too light, it will appear chalky. Next take the darker shade and blend it on the sides of your face. Apply it fro m the sides of your cheek to your neck. Many ignore the neck are but this is also a part that is exposed and hence should be covered up properly. If this blends well with the lighter shade and your face, then it is the right shade.


Once you have applied the foundations, take a look at your face in the mirror under the store lighting and also step out to natural light and check. Makeup looks different under store lighting and you are not going to be in such a place after applying that makeup.


A moisturizer is your skin’s best friend in any season. Though one will have to have a different moisturizer for summer and winter, it is a must in all seasons. It helps in retaining and restoring the skin’s moisture content. This helps in retaining the skin’s elasticity and reduces wrinkles. When you select a moisturizer, ensure it is not too heavy. What you use on your body cannot be used on your face as the skin differs from one part of the body to the other. If you are going in for a tinted moisturizer, ensure the tone is very close to that o your skin’s if it is going to be a different shade, not only will it be obvious but it will affect your makeup too. This is because you foundation has been selected based on your skin’s original color and using a product to change that color will impact the makeup. The moisturizer should leave your skin feeling supple and fresh and not heavy and clogged. Using a thick moisturizer can make your face look dull and oily.

Lip Shades

When you are buying lip shades, always try the color on your lips and buy, the skin on your lips vary from rest of the body, both in color and texture. Hence trying the shade on your wrist or hand will not suffice. Also, ensure you buy a lip pencil in a shade darker than the lipstick as this will help accentuate the color of the lipstick. Also a lip liner will help in preventing the color from bleeding. When the color bleeds, it ruins the entire face. When you use the right products, the results are good on their own. Though techniques are important, this is what helps ensuring the end look is as expected.